olegrenne (olegrenne) wrote in ru_dj,

Sanya Starr - Nickel (Reissue) (2011)

Artist: Sanya Starr
Album: Nickel (Reissue)
Genre: Lounge, House, Pop, Downtempo
Year: 2011
Country: Russia
Bitrate: Mp3 320 Kbps
Size: 161 Mb
Tracklist: discogs.com
Download: GetZilla

Sanya Starr is a Russian male singer and musician, bright representative of adult contemporary music. He has a magnificent voice and unconventional good looks. His extraordinary beauty equally excites men and women. He has always been the way there and didn’t feel any embarrassment. In his own songs Sanya Starr brings an element of scandal, scoffing above the image himself and above Puritan morals: “Self-expression is very important for me, therefore I don’t adhere to censorship”, - said singer.
Tags: deep house, mp3, music, promo, remix
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